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The Swedish Synchrotron Users Organisation


Male Suada

1. Status


The Swedish Synchrotron Users Association (SSUO) is an organisation for users, and potential users, of synchrotron radiation working in Sweden.



2. Aims and objectives


(i) To represent the Swedish synchrotron user community.


(ii) To facilitate access by Swedish groups to national and international synchrotron radiation sources.


(iii) To promote communication and interaction between synchrotron users from different scientific disciplines.


(v) To promote relationships with other national and international organizations in the field of synchrotron radiation.



3. Membership


Membership is without cost, and is open to anyone within Sweden who is interested in research using synchrotron radiation.



4. Organisation


4.1 Board of Directors

The SSUO is managed by a board consisting of a chairman and four ordinary members. It is intended that the board should, as far as possible, represent both the geographical distribution of Swedish synchrotron users, and the diversity of their scientific disciplines.


The board is elected by the members during the annual meeting. Board members are elected for a three year period.


4.2 General meetings

Public meetings of the SSUO will be held annually. The board may call an extraordinary general meeting, and at the request of at least one quarter of the members, the chairman should call a meeting within two months.



5. Economy


5.1 Membership

The membership fee is decided by the Board.


5.2 Participation in the activities of the association.

Participation in activities of the association is usually funded by the participating member, unless otherwise indicated.



6. Links to and membership of other societies and associations


The SSUO is connected to the European Synchrotron Users Association and is the official Swedish representative in that organisation.



7. Change in Statute


Changes to the statutes can be made by majority vote at the annual meeting or vote by correspondence. Proposals for change to the statutes must be advertised at least three weeks in advance.