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The Swedish Synchrotron Users Organisation

SSUO is the organisation for all Swedish users of synchrotron radiation facilities. The primary aim of SSUO is to achieve optimal conditions, including financial support, for Swedish researchers to use synchrotron radiation both nationally and internationally. To do this, SSUO will interact on the national level with funding agencies such as the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet.

SSUO is the Swedish member organization of ESUO, the European Synchrotron Radiation Users Organisation, which has the same goals for the whole European user base of photon-based large scale facility. SSUO is also a sister organisation of FASM, the MAX-lab Users’ Organisation.

We exist to promote the interests of synchrotron users in Sweden; users from all scientific disciplines are welcome. At the moment there is no formal membership procedure, but we are working on establishing one.

Male Suada

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